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The biggest african freelancer platform

About Nyamga

Nyamga is the platform to find African freelancers. Nyamga breaks

the geographical boundaries and low bank rate in Africa while maintaining accessibility, security, quality control to position African youth on the market of digital and hardware micro-services.

Nyamga's goal is to become Africa's largest micro-service platform

with a mission to position African youth on the international freelancing market, connecting millions of businesses with independent talent worldwide. It wants to help them offer their services to the world without having to worry about a credit card or a paypal account.

The bank rate is still low in Africa. The credit card is still a problem for most talented young African freelancers. This problem makes access

to international freelance platforms impossible for them, although there are as talented as freelancers from other continents. Nyamga wants to solve this problem by breaking the payment barrier and offering African youth the opportunity to compete in the global freelance market.

Service offering:

Project Work: Businesses can contact Nyamga for any type of projet and have Nyamga organizing and managing project and project team with selected and skilled freelancers at affordable prices.

Tasks : Find skilled and reliable african freelancers for any task

at affordable prices


Registration as Buyer or Seller Payment systems: Paypal, credit card and Money Transfer (since many

freelancers don't have a bank account) Review and feedback system Customer service to handle disputes Support team to train freelancer to adopt quality, speed habits


Buyers Why people buy from me: Acquire various skills Co-creating value Save money (reduced costs) Ease of extension Freelancers Access to various job opportunities Gain professional experience Earn money More flexibility and autonomy