Unlock Your Business Potential: Techniques for Business Analysis with Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and SWOT Analysis

‍ Business analysis is the practice of identifying business problems, evaluating the impact of those problems, and finding solutions to those problems. It involves analyzing data, trends, and other information related to the business in order to make better business... Read more

What is a Flywheel? Understanding How Businesses Achieve Success

When it comes to business success, the flywheel is a useful analogy. In fact, the flywheel is one of the most widely used business analogies. It explains how some businesses succeed and others fail, even in the same market. The... Read more

How to Use Amazon’s Flywheel Effect to Grow Your Business

Amazon has grown from an online bookstore into the world’s third-largest retailer by using the flywheel effect. The flywheel is a business model first discovered by an organization called the Hawthory Group in a document about their consulting with Amazon.... Read more

What Inbound Marketing is and How It Can Help Your Business

Inbound marketing is a process used by brands to attract customers through various digital marketing channels. It helps businesses get found online, attract potential customers, and convert them into leads or customers. The main objective of inbound marketing is to... Read more

How To Sell With Inbound Marketing – The Definitive Guide to Inbound Selling

Inbound marketing is an approach to digital marketing that focuses on attracting potential customers to your company website rather than paying for ads that appear outside of it. In other words, inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content (such... Read more

5 Free Tools to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Did you know that only 5 percent of companies that have a social media presence actually monitor it? And that only 1 percent of those companies actually have a social media marketing strategy? If you’re like most business owners and... Read more

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Assets Your Brand Needs in 2022

Your digital marketing assets are the backbone of your brand. It is vital for your business to have these assets in place so that you can effectively market to your target audience and increase your visibility on the web. With... Read more
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