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A statement of work is formulated in accordance with your project, your expectations and budget.


Nyamga sets up the team for your project

Nyamga selects among the thousands of registered freelancers those whose skills fit the project. A team is formed headed by a project manager. He will be your single point of point of contact.


The countdown starts and the team gets to work

The project manager reports and communicates continuously with you to make sure that you are informed and satisfied with work of the team.


Once the work is completed, the team delivers it

This is followed by a validation from you or a request for modifications. After you validate the final delivery, you can rate the different tasks. The freelancers are paid and the project is closed.


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Find a service that you need

Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and community recommendations in order to find a seller that best suits your needs. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry.


Supply your brief

Be as detailed as possible so the seller can provide you with the quality service that you are expecting. Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the service is performed to your satisfaction.


Manage transaction

Exchange files and feedback with the seller via the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver service within a specified time frame.


Approve service delivered

Once you are happy with the service performed, you can mark the transaction complete, and we’ll make sure that the seller gets paid. Help the community by leaving a feedback for the seller.


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Post your service

Post a service offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for the money they are paying.


Communicate promptly

Respond to customer enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.


Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same, and try to provide the best possible service regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends.

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Make use of our Done-For-You package to get started with us

Freelance services that feels like Agency services

No need to search, test and hire multiple freelancers with different skillsets. We take over this tasks for you.

Save time, money and stress

Your tasks or projects get done by professional freelancers, which are organized and managed to provide exactly what you and your business need for more success.

Get a crystal clear picture of what your business is about

Your business is unique, we make sure we understand it before starting any work. We don’t just stop at the technology, we help you understand who you are and what you want to be.

Only top professionals

We train our freelancers to understand the clients businesses and needs to provide the value our clients expect.

Selected with care

Every team member is an expert in his field and has done the tasks over and over and is trained to deliver high quality work in time. Their project manager are selected out of our team of experienced business and technology strategists.

Best-price guarantee

The professionals are not on your payroll. For each freelancer that work on your tasks, you spend for only a fraction (less than a tenth) of the money you would otherwise have spent.

We help you take advantage of the flexibility of working with freelancers and integrate them strategically into your projects.

Opt for personal guidance and you can rely on us with complete peace of mind.

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If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us at contact@nyamga.com

We advertise the most popular services, but we’re equipped to handle any problem your business faces. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will match you with the best freelancer for the job.

We have more than 5,000 freelancers covering a range of business-critical skills active on Nyamga. They are all hand-picked by our selection team to guarantee a positive customer experience.

The Done-Four-You package allows busy business owners to hand off their projects to a team of experts and get back to business. There are 5 steps to the process: 

1. We assign a project manager based on your needs 

2. The project manager will meet with you to discuss the brief 

3. The project manager will select a team of creatives that match your requirements and spend 3 days briefing them and creating an outline for the project 

4. You will have regular 1 on 1 meetings with the project manager to discuss progress and view the work. During these meetings, you can provide feedback so the team can adjust moving forward

5. The completed project will be delivered on time, and your project manager will contact you to discuss if revisions are needed

Let your project manager know. The regular progress meetings are designed so you can give feedback at critical points of the project. This allows you to make changes that ensure you get exactly what you are looking for at final delivery. Open communication with your project manager will give you input on the final result without having to oversee the entire process. 

If the final delivery is not quite right, talk to your project manager to organize revisions. They will get detailed feedback about what needs to change and consult with the team to provide an estimate of how long revisions will take. They don’t get paid until you’re 100% satisfied, so they are invested in a project well-done.

That all depends on the size of the project. On average, our project-done services take 3-6 weeks, but your project manager will be able to give you an accurate turnaround time. We understand that time is money for small businesses, but creativity cannot be rushed.

That will depend on what you need. We have structured our business to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs affordable access to experts without sacrificing quality or speed. You aren’t paying for a city-centre office space or employee benefits; you are just paying for the time and expertise of the freelancers.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do for your business—but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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