5 most sought-after freelance services in 2022

The freelancing sector is undergoing a major evolution both because of the enthusiasm of freelancers for this form of activity and because of the skills sought by companies. It is therefore important to master trendy services and make them profitable. As a result, services that are increasingly in demand have recently emerged due to the growing needs of companies. There are many of them, but in this article we will talk about the 5 most requested freelance services in 2022 and how to position yourself.

The various services most in demand to become a freelancer

What we’re focusing on here is which of the popular freelance services you can get into. And while there are several possibilities, let’s focus on 5 activities that are very popular at the moment:

  • Web design
  • Community manager
  • Web writing
  • Media buying
  • Graphic design

 Let’s see the characteristics of each one and how to reach your goal in order to start your own business!

1.The web editor

Before you can work as a web copywriter, you need to have a good grasp of your role. As a web editor, you have a say in all online publications and your role is to write and manage the content of a website, blog or application. You must comply with an editorial policy and Google’s recommendations for web writing.

As a freelancer, you can also join a consultancy or an advertising production company. Thanks to the dynamism of young freelancers for this very fashionable skill, several training courses and certifications in web writing are available online.

2. the freelance webdesigner

Web design, also known as web development, is a service in high demand. The freelancer here ensures the creation, optimization and maintenance of the website.

He designs websites, mobile applications, online reservation and data management applications, connected interfaces or web pages with original design.

3. the freelance community manager

The community manager’s job depends on the sector, the company and its budget, and his or her mission as a freelancer is to enhance the image of a company through different communication channels (social networks, blogs, etc.).

This requires good writing and interpersonal skills. The missions can concern various fields according to the needs of a company: internal communication, accountability, community development through digital etc. As soon as the assignments are assigned by the client, the freelancer will develop an appropriate strategy to meet them.

4. Media buying

The job of a media buyer is above all to find the best value for money according to the duration of the campaign, the target audience and the initial budget. To achieve this, he or she must rely on his or her negotiating skills, whether it be for the price or for the positioning of an ad. The media buyer aims to generate profits by maximising the impact of an advertising campaign. For example, for television, he carefully examines the television schedule and defines the programme of spaces to be retained, by channel and by product.  For radio, it ensures that there are opportunities to get on air during the programmes, on the dates and at the times predefined in the media plan. 

For social networks and search engines, he makes sure to target the right audience and the interests likely to lead the prospect to purchase.

His contribution to an agency is very important because he manages 80% of the campaign budget, dedicated to the purchase of advertising space, together with the media planner.

5. The freelance graphic designer

A graphic designer is a professional who knows how to use computer tools to create visual products for others. Graphic designers design and illustrate documents and posters for advertising, promotion, information or entertainment.

They may be responsible for the design of a graphic presentation or custom letter templates. A good graphic designer must be able to use computer software and keep up with new developments in the field.

So, which profession will you choose?

Maximise your chances of freelancing

Finding freelance assignments or projects is not that difficult. If you’re ready to embrace the freelance life, now is the best time to start. Once you’ve optimised your candidate profile, take a look at our advice pages and learn more about how Nyamga can help you improve your freelance career.

How do you position yourself in your industry as a freelancer?

One of the best ways is to specialise, i.e. choose a market segment, a niche where demand is high and your competitors are neglecting. However, train yourself beforehand to master the workings of the business and understand the needs of your clients. 

By Nyamga.

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