Choosing an external teleworking provider to carry out a specific activity is part of the day-to-day functioning of organizations today. This option is generally justified by the sponsor’s desire to remain focused on its core business. To gain real benefit from this approach in terms of time in particular, an approach should be put in place that allows the freelancer to realise your expectations.

The nyamga.com platform specializing in micro-services for independent teleworkers offers 5 key phases of effective delegation.

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Establish a detailed guide

Depending on the nature and complexity of the assignment to be entrusted, it is wise to develop some sort of framework to guide your freelance. For important projects such as building a website, creating a mobile application or even developing a graphic charter, among other things, it is essential to define specifications. This guide should allow the freelancer to perceive your expectations in great detail and at the same time integrate the overall framework of his work.

For less complex tasks (production of texts, design and production of visuals, etc.), simple explanations are enough . It is important to include in this simplified briefing, details on the target, the expectations and the standards to be taken into account.

Recruit the tailor-made freelancer

Go to the nyamga.com platform. Register and post your ad to receive many proposals. In the presentation of your offer, specify the main orientations to allow service providers to better understand all the contours of your work. These elements will allow the interested freelance to offer you a suitable quote.

When faced with several options , don’t just focus on the cost. Also take time to thoroughly examine the profiles of the various proposers. Even if your budget is set in advance, remember that the quality of the end result also depends on the abilities of your freelancer. The goal is to work with a service provider who can integrate and appropriate your needs quickly enough to eventually produce an exemplary project within a suitable time frame.

Let the freelancer become part of your project

Depending on the scope of the mission entrusted to the freelancer, it is advisable to give the latter a place proportional to his contribution within your structure. He must be able to understand the global vision in which his mission fits in order to better situate himself on his role. In addition, you must present him officially to your colleagues and put him in contact with those who can assist him in carrying out his tasks.

Remember to update him on the progress of the project. The more he feels integrated, the better he will understand where you want to go. This involvement will strengthen their confidence and allow them to better understand your needs.

Ensure permanent follow-up

Even if the freelancer of your choice gives you all the guarantees and the necessary confidence, support him in his mission. Especially at the start! Check the progress of his work through regular debriefings. Through these permanent exchanges, you have the opportunity to observe in time the potential drifts of the service provider and to reframe him fairly enough.

Once you realize that he has integrated his tasks perfectly, you can give him more independence.

Soliciting one or more freelance workers is now a mandatory step in the development process of any organization. This approach allows the entrepreneur to quickly find a flexible employee for his needs.

Among the services provided by the nyamga.com platform, you will find a personalized support service to guide you in choosing and monitoring your freelance work throughout the duration of your project.

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