How to use copywriting effectively in marketing 

In digital marketing, one of the best sales techniques is copywriting. It is a method that aims to attract future customers through quality content. However, it is important to know how to use it as a weapon of persuasion against prospects. How to use this method effectively in marketing? What tips can you use to seduce your audience and encourage them to buy your products and services? Let’s take a closer look in this article.

What copywriting techniques should you master?

Like any sales method, copywriting has its own set of rules.

There are many ways to use persuasion in a text. However, 6 different techniques are quite relevant. Often complementary, and at times specifically designed for a certain type of copywriting, all the methods listed below are highly effective.

1. The A.I.D.A. method

This is the basis. Every beginner in copywriting must master this trick.

It allows you to structure your text correctly and to captivate your reader. It is also a very effective way to improve your conversion rate. AIDA stands for : 

Attention: attract attention at the beginning of the sale.

Interest: create interest through a new solution.

Desire: arouse the desire to know more.

Action: to encourage action.

2. The P.A.S. method

This method is indispensable in copywriting. It is easy to understand and practice. In English it stands for Problem, Agitate, Solve. But the acronym is commonly translated as follows:

Problem: to determine the problem that your content will address.

Agitate: evoke the problem in order to arouse emotions in your reader.

Solution: Ultimately give your solution to solve the issue.

3. The F.A.B. method

This method is used specifically when you are addressing regular customers. It is an effective way of promoting new products or services. Therefore, this technique expresses the following principle:

Functionality: state your proposition.

Benefit: explain its usefulness.

Benefit: demonstrate the benefits of your offer.

4. The U.U.U.U. formula

This is an excellent technique for generating a high rate of engagement. However, it is also useful if you apply it to your sales pages. Here are the meanings of the four U’s. Useful: to demonstrate the usefulness of your offer. Urgent: to generate commitment for decision making.Unique: to provide evidence of the uniqueness of your solution.Ultra-specific: to detail how far your proposal is suitable for a particular situation.

5. The U.S.P. method

This copywriting trick aims to answer the question: why buy from YOU and not elsewhere? 

U.S.P. is the acronym for “unique selling proposition”.You can then put forward your convincing arguments such as: your unbeatable prices, your speed of delivery,

your guarantees, your results, your quality customer service, etc.

6. The direct C.T.A.

If you want to get a lot of conversion from your audience, you need to get them to act. The call to action at the end of the page must therefore be precise and explicit. Remind your prospect that they can take control of their success. This method is used a lot in SEO to keep your traffic for as long as possible.

In copywriting, this technique is the raison d’être of the previous methods. It is therefore an important element to take into account!

Now let’s see how to persuade in practice.

4 tips for effectively convincing prospects with words

1. write with a natural tone

Be yourself! Although you are trying to satisfy the needs of your audience, it must also meet your expectations. By first establishing your editorial line for your content strategy, you will adapt your text to the way you speak. 

To achieve this, it is best to get help from a third party and/or an application to repeat your text audibly. By listening, you will analyse whether your content is pleasant to speak. If you are not completely satisfied, you can simply repeat the parts that do not sound good.

2. Use short sentences

The length of sentences is crucial to convey your business message. At first glance, digital reading on smartphones only offers a small amount of display space, which makes long sentences tedious. In addition, your reader is prone to multiple distractions, which can quickly cause them to lose focus.

One way to shorten your sentences easily is to keep one idea per sentence. However, this doesn’t mean that you will only use a few words per sentence. In fact, you can alternate with the pace of reading by using punctuation and the length of your sentences. 

3. Writing to one person

Addressing the prospect directly allows him to identify with the text he is reading. This way, they feel immediately concerned by the content and are much more likely to let their emotions come out. 

Although it is obvious to use this in B2C marketing, it is also obvious in B2B.  Many copywriters think that you need to speak to a large audience to persuade. But this is wrong. It is better to personalise your copywriting for a good result.

4. Write in simple language

Of course, the skill of language varies according to the target audience. Nevertheless, don’t try to impress the audience by using too much language. Even if your message is aimed at experts, keep it as simple as possible. 

In order for your copywriting to be captivating, you need to allow your reader the opportunity to arouse their feelings and get to grips with the subject. Complicated language drastically reduces their intellectual capacity to achieve the desired goal.

The benefits

When used wisely, copywriting becomes the centrepiece of good digital 

of good digital marketing. The benefits are numerous, because a good and persuasive commercial text allows you to:

  • find the right headline for your texts to increase your traffic and click-through rates;
  • write your content to attract your prospect in order to get more engagement and conversion rates;
  • Adapting the methods suggested according to the type of content being written;
  • Boost your sales and stand out from your competitors.


In digital marketing, copywriting is a technique with great potential. It allows you to bring out the emotions in order to push people to buy, without forcing the hand. If you want to improve your turnover, it is therefore an important element that you should consider in your marketing strategy.

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